Friday, March 28, 2014

Thank You Brendan Rodgers!

It was over 4 years back, when I had written the blog titled "Make Us Believe" inspired by an article having the same title, which was a fan's plea to Rafa... that incidentally was when Liverpool was last in a position when it was competing for the ultimate prize.. the coveted one that I want Gerrard to win !!

It has been a long enduring time for the team and the fans, without the Glory days and the magical European Nights.. however under Rodgers this season, it finally seems like the glory days and especially European nights might finally make their way back to Anfield, a just reward for the unwavering fans who have stood by the team, the players and the managers over the testing times.

Brendan Rodgers changed the way the team played, implemented his passing system, made us play beautiful football and courtesy the most potent striking partnership in EPL, ensured we get the results along the way as well. It's a testament to his belief and his prowess, that with just 7 games left, we find ourselves competing for the title, and since our rivals in this 3-horse race are still to visit Anfield, the title is still up for grabs and is still in our reach if we can manage a historic 14 match winning streak.

And it is for reigniting this belief is what I want to thank BR. Thank You Brendan Rodgers for making me dream of 19! The f***ing perch is waiting to be recaptured.

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Photography Tips

I recently took the leap and finally bought my DSLR. Buying a DSLR is one thing, but learning to use all of it's features is a totally different thing altogether.

My first outdoor trip with my Sony Alpha A58 was the Dalhousie Trek a month back comprising of six days. During these six days, I explored my camera after initial day of just clicking photos in auto mode and basic program mode i.e. potrait / landscape / sunset mode. Subsequently, I started exploring the program mode and using effects such as Rich, Partial, Painting, Mild, Toy Camera etc., Shutter Priority mode. However, this is not even a fraction of the features that the camera offers. Also the judgement of what mode and effects to use to get the desired click is not that easy and would require investment of time.

Being in manufacturing in a remote town and six days working means it is not possible to attend any workshops, so I realized I would have to tap the online resources available. This post will serve as a repository of good articles that I come across and find helpful.

How to take great Night shots of cities: (14/01/2014)

Capturing the human story: (14/01/2014)

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Things to do before 30 !!

I recently turned 28, which means I now have only 2 years to do those things that I always made a mental note of, and I believe it's about time to finally pen (or rather type) these down so that I would atleast have the final list ready and not keep on improvising... so here's my list of 30 things to do before turning 30 !!

1. Watch LFC live at Anfield.. maybe sitting at the Kop end
2. The Leh trip
3. Learn an instrument.. guitar preferably
4. Learn swimming
5. Do that filmy style dive into a lake or pond etc.
6. Get a tatoo.. tatoo and not a trampstamp :P
7. Own a house and a car
8. Go to a Pink Floyd / Metallica / ACDC concert
9. Do scuba-diving
10. Do snorkeling
11. LOTR marathon one more time with Gwingies
12. Visit VNIT again.. c'ma and shanky !!
13. The Bangkok trip
14. Sunburn @ GOA
15. Run a marathon
16. Learn a language
17. Throw a snowball at someone
18. Make a snow man
19. Visit the TAJ Mahal
20. Sing in a karaoke bar
21. Get a photograph published
22. Visit Wagah Border
23. Sunderbans boat ride
24. Kiss in the rains :)
25. DDLJ at Maratha Mandir with that special someone
26. Complete Atlas Shrugged and Fountainhead
27. Attend atleast 5 types of weddings - including a catholic wedding
28. Own a 'Rosita'
29. Spend every penny in my pocket.. that VNIT type feeling
30. Reach my idle weight (63 kg)

Took some time to reach the 30 list, especially since some of the things that I had in that list as certainty have already been completed before penning down this list..!!

Tick tock tick tock... time is counting down !!!!

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Fast Times !!

Its that time of the year when I fast... Over the years it has almost become a routine.. but some how this time feels different. It felt tough in April, but this, this feels unnatural.. something just doesn't feel right...
Between last year, and now what changed..??
Life as I knew it back then, is what has changed...!!

There is no shri, vigi, chutki, chep arnd me to make this fun, easy..
Vo chivde ke packets, vo finger chips;
vo sabudana vade aur chutki ke haath ki aloo tikki...
Aaj bhi vo din chehre pe muskan le aate hai :)

Miss those days, miss the randomness, miss CP gang.. miss NITIE !!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Make us believe!!!

Its been over a year and half since the team last looked like capable of winning the league, since when we gave United the fight till the last game, and fell short by just 2 points...
Since then a lot has changed at Anfield. One thing that hasn't and will never change are the fans. The fans who support the team through all the highs and the lows..!

Seeing the downfall the team has been through in last year and a half, and the hope that things are going change with these 2 consecutive wins, first time since April, I am reminded of a very nice article I had read 2 yrs back... Make Us Believe... A fan's plea to the Rafa and the team... to put on the kind of show that would make them believe that the team is capable of winning the coveted 19th title!

At this stage, the only thing I want from the team and Roy is to make us believe once again!! We may not win the league this season, forget that we might not even make it to the top 4 and make the cut for CL.. what we expect is the effort, the commitment, that drive that will make us believe once again, dream once again that LFC will be restored to its former glory, that Anfield will again have the European Nights pretty soon!

Friday, January 22, 2010

A fun night :D

An impromptu dinner plan with friends, nice dinner at HN...followed by tp...then back to campus...some more hogging, then nescafe..hogging and talking...
The plan for a movie...instead playing cricket for close to 2 hrs, starting way past midnight... then after cricket, going on and actually watching the planned movie (Case 39)...
That basically summarises the last 8 hours... Nice fun night :D
Feels good :)
Impact roxx...vigs roxx...shri...chep roxx (more so if shelar($#$#%#$#) is bowling)


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